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Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Nanotechnology
  • Name :Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Nanotechnology
  • Head :Jordi Esquena Moret



Research at the Chemical and Biomolecular Nanotechnology Department is focused on bioactive organic molecules and biomolecules, nanomateriales and devices and self-organized supramolecular or colloidal systems. Thus, the research groups of the department hold a great expertise on the chemistry of bioactive substances and their preparation using combinatorial chemistry tools, designing and screening virtual libraries. Knowledge on the chemistry of oligonucleotides allows to rationally synthesize molecules with affinity to dsDNA and to investigate the formation of G-Rich oligonucleotides, G-quadruplex or the gene expression controlled by iRNA.  The capability to produce antibodies, natural molecules with inherent capabilities to specifically react with their counter antigen, and to direct their features according to the needs, allows designing bioreceptors for a wide range of applications. The integration of these biomolcules with certain micro(nano)materials and devices with unique physical properties allows developing novel biosensors with improved features envisaging a new generation of molecular diagnostic tools useful in the clinical and food safety fields. Finally, and regarding the preparation of new nanostructures, the expertise acquired for many years on the chemistry of the surfactants and their capability to self-aggregate to form complex supramolecular structures (micelles, liquid crystals, microemulsions, nano-emulsions, highly concentrated emulsions, etc.) has lead to investigate their use  as templates for the  preparation of new nanostructured materials (organic, inorganic, hybrid) with controlled size and morphology as well as new drug delivery systems.