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Department of Chemical and Surfactants Technology
  • Name :Department of Chemical and Surfactants Technology
  • Head :Maria Teresa García Ramon



The research in the Department focus on theoretical and applied aspects of product and chemical processes technology with special incidence in the synthesis, the physical chemistry and the biology of surfactants. This research is relevant in the lines of Sustainable Chemistry and Nanotechnology of soft matter and look for environmental and human health improvement. Among the scientific activities, with relation to the Sustainable Chemistry, we can cite: research and development of biocompatible surfactants and ionic liquids, the distribution and effect of surfactants and ionic liquids in the environment, development of non contaminant industrial processes, minimisation, recycling and valorisation of by-products and wastes of chemical industries. In the Nanotechnology area research is performed concerning adsorption and self-aggregation of surfactant as well as the physical chemistry and biophysics of natural lipids at interfaces and membranes (of natural origin or as physical chemistry models).