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Department of Biomedicinal Chemistry
  • Name :Department of Biomedicinal Chemistry
  • Head :Amadeu Llebaria Soldevila


The Department of Biomedicinal Chemistry conducts multidisciplinary research foccused on the biomedical applications of peptides, lipids and glycoconjugates. The early detection, markers discovery and treatment of serious human diseases, such as amyloidosis related to the protein transthyretin, chronic pain, sphingolipidosis, cancer, neurodegeneration, autoimmune and infectious diseases, are emphasized. The investigations encompass the rational design of active molecules (peptides, glycoconjugates and small molecular entities) based on the knowledge of specific cell signalling routes, metabolic pathways, mechanisms of ligand-protein interactions, etc., as well as the concept of chemical modulation for optimising hit compounds based upon the modern medicinal chemistry technologies (combinatorial chemistry, in silico design and screening, solid phase organic synthesis, delivery systems).