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The general subject of research is the physical chemistry of surfactants and surfactant based systems. Particular focus is given to dynamic transformations (emulsification and solubilisation) and to new biocompatible surfactant behaviour. The main techniques are SAXS-WAXS, Light Scattering, tensiometry, conductivity and selective electrode.




Ramon Pons
Imma Carrera
Jaume Caelles
Amalia Mezei
Jordi Morros

Former components:


Joedmi Pereira (2002-2006)
Neus Lozano (2005-2010)
Amalia Mezei (2010-2011)

Short term components:


Patrizia Andreozzi (Italy, 2007 and 2008)
Federica de Persis (Italy, 2009)
Laura Mamecier (France, 2010)
Giacomo Gente (Italy, 2008)
Carlotta Pucci (Italy, 2013 and 2014)