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This service deals with the characterization of nanostructured liquids (e.g. micelles, vesicles, microemulsions, nano-emulsions etc.) and solid dispersions (e.g. organic inorganic or hybrid nanoparticle suspensions) as well as phase transitions taking place in surfactant systems.

The characterization implies determination of particle or droplet size, size distribution, shape, diffusion coefficients, aggregation number (molecular weight) and identification of lyotropic liquid crystals (lamellar, hexagonal, and cubic). This is achieved, mainly, by means of static and dynamic light scattering, laser light diffraction, small and wide angle X-ray scattering, polarized optical microscopy, surface and interfacial tensiometry and rheology.

The group responsible for the Service is member of TECNIO (ACC1Ó, CIDEM/COPCA) and has been awarded with a quality certificate (similar to ISO 9001) by CIDEM (Organization that belongs to the Autonomous Government of Catalonia).

This service constitute the unit 12 of NANBIOSIS, the integrated infrastructure for the production and characterization of nanomaterials, biomaterials and systems in biomedicine, of CIBER-BBN and the Minimal Invasion Surgery Center Jesús Usón, which has been recognized by Spanish Government as Unique Scientific-Technological Infrastructure (ICTS).

Unit U12. Nanostructured Liquid Characterization

  Spectrometer for static (SLS) and dynamic (DLS) Light scattering

(LS Instruments GmbH)

High resolution optical microscope with spectral analysis (Cytoviva)

Rheometer AR-G2 (TA Instruments)