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SED service is located on the premises of the Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC) from the CSIC and it was constituted in 2002. SED service is divided in three groups: Skin Absorption group, Skin Efficacy group and Hair Efficacy group.

Skin Absorption group is specialized in determining the absorption profile through the skin of any compound when it is topically applied, using mainly an in vitro experimental methodology adopted by the OECD.

Meanwhile, the Skin Efficacy group is specialized in evaluating the efficacy of formulations applied to the skin and nails. The methodologies applied are based, preferably, on the use of biophysical techniques published in internationally recognized scientific journals.

Furthermore, the Hair Efficacy group works evaluating in vitro the efficacy of cosmetic products in human hair.

The service developed is focused on the needs of the industry and also on its own research and that of other groups requiring its scientific expertise support.




Service of Dermoscosmetic Assesment (SED) from the IQAC-CSIC, have since May 2012, a Quality System of Management in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 certified by AENOR with the reference ER-0430/2012.






The Certificate is awarded after an audit process in which the system based both on documents and laboratory methods of IQAC-CSIC were revised.
Currently the ISO has been the most reliable and extended certificate to assess the effectiveness of quality systems. In recent years, our team has worked intensively in order to get this certification and renew it regularly. These efforts have focused on the following points: optimize capacity and quality criteria to fulfil the needs of the customers in all areas, to get the maximum involvement of each person working in the Services and remain committed to continuous improvement (see Quality Policy).

In next future the percutaneous absorption part of the SED service will be certificated in GPL.