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SIMchem is an acronym for the Service of Synthesis of High added value Molecules that has been created in 2009, and its objective is the preparation of organic compounds for research activities. SIMchem is giving support in synthetic organic chemistry to research groups present in IQAC, and is open to other CSIC Institutes or external organizations, both in academic or industrial environments.

Its goal is to fill the gap existing between  custom synthesis performed by companies and the synthetic research groups in academy. SIMchem is carrying out research on organic synthesis to provide molecules and chemical expertise to projects in chemistry, biology, biomedicine and drug discovery. SIMchem contributes with skilled personnel, instrumental and laboratory, and takes advantage of the chemical and synthetic expertise of the different groups present at IQAC-CSIC.

SIMchem is devoted to the study of  methodologies, the development of synthetic sequences and  small scale synthesis of high added value organic compounds (miligram to gram). The type of compounds initially envisaged consist in broad scope bioactive molecules, including drug candidates, pharmacological tools and molecular probes directed to chemical, biological or biophysical tests in R+D activities.

Another goal of the service is to implement new efficient synthetic technologies in the host Institute, which could be employed by the research groups present at IQAC and external users. Special efforts are devoted to implement high safety chemical methods to improve current laboratory practices in the Institute and reach a high level of synthetic competence and efficiency. With these activities SIMchem intends to achieve the state-of-the-art in synthetic and preparative purification technologies not available to individual groups at IQAC.


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