The Institute for Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC)

is one of the research centers of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). The Institute is located in Barcelona and it was created in 2007 with the mission to perform research of excellence in Chemical Sciences with the broad goal of improving the quality of life. The general strategy to achieve this mission involves the application of chemical approaches to address and solve societal challenges, mainly those related to human health, the sustainability of chemical processes and products, and the needs for novel materials for different applications. Since its establishment, IQAC has been in a permanent attitude to transfer its knowledge and technology results to the industrial sector.

The research developed at IQAC is organized around two main nodes: Biological Chemistry and Nanobiotechnology and it is facilitated by a number of Key Enabling Technologies. Considering the objectives pursued, many of the investigations carried out by the Research Groups at IQAC lie at the intersection between nodes.

The Biological Chemistry node 

carries out fundamental and applied chemical research involving the development of cutting edge chemical methods and the application of innovative chemical approaches to investigate biological processes. The objectives within this general line are accomplished through the manipulation of different chemical structures ranging from small molecular entities to (bio)macromolecules and bioconjugates.

The Nanobiotechnology node

carries out fundamental and applied chemical research involving the investigation of nano(bio)systems for biomedical applications through the development of specific active (bio)molecules (from small molecules to (bio)macromolecules and bioconjugates) and their integration on nanostructured materials and devices. The node also addresses the development of innovative surfactants and self-organized supramolecular colloidal systems through a bottom-up approach for the fabrication of nanomaterials using molecular/colloidal templates or structure directing agents.

In addition, our Institute holds a set of scientific and technical facilities

run by highly qualified scientists and technical personnel with a solid background and long lasting expertise. These facilities are available not only to IQAC research groups, but also to potential users from both academia and private institutions. In any case, the technical services from IQAC are always wide open to attend any inquiry and to offer their best efforts to find adequate responses to specific needs.

In a scenario where the general public worldwide has a poor opinion of chemistry, at IQAC ‑where chemistry helps‑ we are committed to persuade the citizenship that chemistry provides enormous benefits to all of us.