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2 PhD position and MSc student positions

The Institute for Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC-CSIC) offers 2 PhD positions and one MSc student position to support the research lines investigation of the Medical Chemistry and Synthesis group. PhD in Chemichal Biology / Molecular Pharmacology: The candidate will be involved in a project of photopharmacology and their duties will be chemical synthesis of compounds that […]

Open Submission for Journal Special Issue on Plasma-Activated Seed Germination

The Plasma Chemistry group’s leader Ricardo Molina, acting as guest editor of International Journal of Molecular Sciences, welcomes authors to submit their articles to special issues on seed germination. Seed germination is a complex physiological process that begins with water uptake by the seed (imbibition) and ends with the emergence of the radicle. The modification […]

IQAC cancer research at the new issue of the “CSIC Investiga” magazine

The second number of the informative journal CSIC INVESTIGA is dedicated to research project about cancer. It shows the basic research of the CSIC to figure out the molecular keys of cancer and obtain better methodes of diagnostic and more effective treatments. The researcher Laia Josa, from the Medical Chemistry, led by Dr. Amadeu Llebaria, […]

An IQAC and CIBER-BBN research paper has been selected to be Front Cover of ChemPlusChem Journal

The researcher Kamil Makowski, from the Multivalent Systems for Nanomedicine research group, from IQAC-CSIC and CIBER-BBN, led by Dr. Miriam Royo, has designed the image selected to be the front cover of ChemPlusChem Journal. The front cover shows a representation of the H2@C60 hybrid molecule with a dehydroepiandrosterone moiety interacting with the active site of […]


Ofertas laborales Dpto. Informática CID-CSIC

El Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Pascual Vila (CID-CSIC), que alberga al Instituto de Química Avanzada de Cataluña (IQAC-CSIC) y al Instituto de Diagnóstico Ambiental y Estudios del Agua (IDAEA-CSIC) busca cubrir dos puestos de trabajo para:   Técnico/a I+D+I. para tareas de gestión de redes, comunicaciones y seguridad informática y gestión y mantenimiento de […]

An IQAC Research paper has been selected to be the Inside Cover of Chemistry A European Journal

Supramolecular Chemistry group lead by Dr. Ignacio Alfonso has recently published an article in Chemistry, A European Journal, which has been selected to be the Inside Cover of this journal.  The research propose a new strategy to regulate the cells communication network. The full paper, authored by Lucía Tapia, Naiara Solozabal, Jordi Solà, Yolanda Pérez, W. […]

CSIC scientists propose a new strategy to regulate the cells communication network

A study performed by researchers at the Institute for Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC-CSIC) from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in collaboration with Stony Brook University (USA) proposes a new strategy for the development of new drugs based on the inhibition of tyrosine kinase enzymes, molecules that activate and trigger many cellular processes. The […]

Exhibition “Color. El conocimiento de lo invisible”

The researchers Xavier Rovira and Xavier Gómez-Santacana, both from the group Medicinal Chemistry, participate in the exhibition “Color. El conocimiento invisible“, which will be held in the third floor of Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid. The exhibition explores the different faces of the colour, from the scientific perspective (visible and invisible spectrum), which seeks to […]