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Ramon y Cajal Fellowship (RyC) 2021

If you are looking for an institution to perform your research in the broad area of chemistry, the Institute for Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC-CSIC) will fully support your career as independient scientist. If you need any more information, please contact to cctr-iqac@cid.csic.es  


CSIC offers 399 positions for tenured scientists

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) offers 399 places for tenured scientists through the general free access system. The offer is part of the new announcement of the Ministry of Science and Innovation with 450 places for scientific staff in the Public Research Organisms. If you have a competitive CV the IQAC has several positions […]

Towards quicker, more accessible and less expensive diagnosis and monitoring of a rare childhood genetic disease

The project led by Dr. Ignacio Alfonso, of the Institute for Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC-CSIC), in collaboration with the Vall d’Hebron Hospital, is one of those selected in the CaixaResearch Validate 2022 call. The researchers have created a new diagnostic and monitoring tool for the cystinosis that would allow preventive screening and more effective […]

CSIC researchers develop photocontrolable drugs that enable the control of the heart rate by light

Researchers at the Institute for Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC), in collaboration with the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA) from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), have developed molecules that allow the control the activity of beta adrenoceptors located in cardiomyocytes, heart muscle cells, by the use of light . This research, […]

BBQ-CSIC Projects 2022

On 3rd February, the I Interdisciplinary Workshop on Biology, Biomedicine and Chemistry was held, organized by the Molecular Biology Institute of Barcelona (IBMB), the Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona (IIBB) and the Institute of Advaced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC), with the aim of fostering new ideas and collaborative projects in these three research fields. The call for two BBQ-CSIC projects […]

IQAC welcomes students of Master Degree’s in Cosmetics and Dermopharmacy

The Master Degree’s in Cosmetics and Dermopharmacy, from the Center for Advanced Studies in the Pharmaceutical Industry (CESIF), aims to provide participants with complete technical and managerial knowledge necessary to develop their professional potential in this sector. Its practical orientation guarantees the training of experts in the field of cosmetics and dermopharmacy. The Institute for Advanced […]

Open call for ComFuturo postdoctoral fellowship

The Fundación General CSIC opens the call for applications for the third edition of its ComFuturo programme, which aims to attract the best young research talent and enable them to develop innovative and highly applicable research projects in response to challenges of industrial and social interest. If you are interested in doing your research at the Institute for Advanced Chemistry […]

Open submission for Frontiers in Chemistry special issue on Nucleic Acid-Based Aptamers in Therapeutics and Diagnostics

Dr. Anna Aviñó and Dr. Carme Fàbrega from the Nucleic Acid Chemistry group together with Dr. Claudia Riccardi from the University of Naples Federico II, Dr. Stefania Mazzini from University of Milan, and Dr. Raimundo Gargallo from the University of Barcelona, acting as guest editors of the journal Frontiers in Chemistry, welcome authors to submit […]

Open submission for journal special issue on Oligonucleotide Based Therapies

Dr. Ramon Eritja, from the Nucleic Acid Chemistry group, and Dr. Santiago Grijalvo, from Colloidal and Interfacial Chemistry group, together with Dr. Andreia F. Jorge, from Coimbra Chemistry Centre (CQC), acting as guest editors of journal Pharmaceutics, of MDPI Publisher, welcome authors to submit their articles on special issues on Recent Trends in Oligonucleotide Based […]