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MIT i La Caixa selects a project from the grup of Biophysiscs of Lipids and Interphases from the IQAC-CSIC.

The awarded project, “Advanced Lipid Nanostructures to overcome Blood-Brain-Barrier”, of the research group led by Olga López, aims the design of lipid nanostructures to repair blood-brain barrier, the membrane that protects the brain. Nanostructures will also be designed to facilitate the access of drugs to the brain. The ultimate goal is to modify the permeability […]


Técnico de laboratorio

Técnico de laboratorio para incorporarse a un servicio de producción de anticuerpos del CSIC con alta motivación y para trabajar en equipo. Los requisitos para los contratos en prácticas: Imprescindible estar en posesión de formación profesional de grado medio o superior o títulos oficialmente reconocidos como equivalentes. Que no hayan transcurrido más de cinco años, […]


R+D CSIC article about “Hidrogel lipídico nanoestructurado en condiciones altamente diluidas formado sólo de lípidos y agua”

Scientists of the CSIC have developed and patented a hydrogel formed exclusively by lipids dispersed in a large amount of water, without the need to add surfactants or polymers, which avoids risk of irritations or adverse responses in case of medical applications. It is biocompatible and favors the transport of drugs through topical, ocular, or […]

Press release about the PANBioRA project

Appropriate selection of the implant biomaterial is a key factor for long term success of implants. The biologic environment does not accept completely any material. Implantation of medical devices within the body initiates a series of reactions, collectively called the foreign body response, which aims to eliminate or isolate the implanted foreign material from the […]



WE OFFER: The possibility of integrating into a leading and multidisciplinary research center to know the research carried out, enhance its visibility and give support to its organization.. Applicants should send motivation letter and curriculum vitae no later than the 20TH February 2019 to: Prof. Gemma Fabriàs More info.  Más Informacion.