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Press release about the PANBioRA project

Appropriate selection of the implant biomaterial is a key factor for long term success of implants. The biologic environment does not accept completely any material. Implantation of medical devices within the body initiates a series of reactions, collectively called the foreign body response, which aims to eliminate or isolate the implanted foreign material from the […]



WE OFFER: The possibility of integrating into a leading and multidisciplinary research center to know the research carried out, enhance its visibility and give support to its organization.. Applicants should send motivation letter and curriculum vitae no later than the 20TH February 2019 to: Prof. Gemma Fabriàs More info.  Más Informacion.  

The MCS group has been accredited with the TECNIO certification

The MCS group (Medicinal Chemistry & Synthesis) has been accredited as a new TECNIO Center. This certification identifies it as an entity that offers the most innovative technologies to help companies create new products, processes or services. This group focuses on chemical research to generate knowledge and therapeutic technologies, which combine the improvement and optimization […]

La Marató TV3 selecciona un proyecto del grupo Nb4D en su convocatoria de proyectos biomédicos en enfermedades infecciosas

Barcelona, 30 de octubre de 2018.- El proyecto del grupo Nanobiotecnología para el Diagnóstico (Nb4D) perteneciente al Instituto de Química Avanzada (IQAC) del CSIC ha sido seleccionado entre más de 200 candidatos como un proyecto de excelencia científica para ser financiado en la convocatoria de proyectos biomédicos de la Fundació la Marató de TV3 y […]