July 17, 2021 11:00

The PhD Student Zakaria Hafidi, from the Biocompatible Surfactants and Ionic Liquids research group, will defend his PhD thesis on 17th July.

Title: Synthèse, éude structurale et propriétés physicochimiques des tensioactifs cationiques à base des amino-alcools. Applications à la catalyse micellaire et à l’activité biologique. Approche expérimentale et théorique.

Directors: Mohammed El Achouri and Lourdes Pérez Muñoz.


In this work, we are interested in the synthesis and the physico-chemical study of a new series of quaternary ammonium surfactant molecules based on amino-alcohols. Their molecular structures were verified using the usual spectroscopic methods such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) 1H, 13C and mass spectroscopy. Their phenomena related to adsorption and micellization in aqueous solution were studied using conductivity and surface tension measurements. Some of these cationic surfactants have been isolated in single crystal form, their crystal structures have been determined from single crystal X-ray diffraction (XRD) data. Their thermal behavior, catalytic activity, and antimicrobial activity have been studied. Theoretical studies using the theory of functional density (DFT) and molecular modeling (Docking, Dynamics and Homology) were carried out to determine the effect of two structural factors of synthetic molecules (the hydrophobic alkyl chain and the effect of the position of the alcohol function (-OH) with respect to the quaternary ammonium N+) on their physico-chemical and biological properties. The results obtained in this context show that the effect of the polar head has a significant effect on the crystalline properties, catalytic activity and antimicrobial effectiveness of this new series of surfactants.