The Awards Víctor Carrer were created in 2019 to value the excellence work thesis presented in IQAC-CSIC and as a recognition of the done research. These awards were born to honour Víctor Carrer, who worked for 4 years in our research centre and, unfortunately, a day before defending his thesis, had an accident in which he lost his life. 

The First Edition had as a winner the Dr. Mercè Hereu for her thesis “Role of D-fagomine and omega-3 plyunsaturated fatty acids on gut microbia and related metabolic changes in healthy rats and in a model of fat-induced prediabetes”, who received this award during the 4th IQAC-CSIC annual workshop.

The candidates that want to aim for the award have until 31st January 2021 to present the application.

Award rules and registration are in this link.