The second number of the informative journal CSIC INVESTIGA is dedicated to research project about cancer. It shows the basic research of the CSIC to figure out the molecular keys of cancer and obtain better methodes of diagnostic and more effective treatments.

The researcher Laia Josa, from the Medical Chemistry, led by Dr. Amadeu Llebaria, talks about the project PhotoStem, which tackles new techniques to attack the tumors. In this case, by studying the use of light to active drugs with high precision. 

The project PhotoStem aims to generate a new therapy against the cancer, which combines two innovative elements: design drugs that could be activated only in the tumor area by external light and try to eliminate cancer stem cell,often resistant to chemotherapy.

The long-term goal is to develop a therapy against cancer that can be used in clinics.If the concept test of the PhotoStem project is successful, trials of the new photoactivatable molecules in animals could be iniciated, followed by extensive clinical validation and clinical trials.

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