8th April at 11:30, Asunción Burguete, projects and grants office manager of IQAC-CSIC, will give a talk in the IQAC Seminars

Title: HORIZON EUROPE 2021-2027. Programme structure, main novelties and practical aspects for the participation.

Language of the seminar: Spanish

CSIC Conecta link: https://conectaha.csic.es/b/mar-pi7-cqb-vlt


Horizon Europe is the new EU’s research and innovation framework program running from 2021-2027. With a budget of €95.5 billion, Horizon Europe is so far the most ambitious funding programme for R&i in the world.

With the aim of encouraging the participation of our researchers in Horizon Europe, this seminar will give information about the general structure of the programme and its main novelties. Moreover, in order to make the participation easier, some practical aspects (calls search, partner/consortia search, help and support personnel, etc…) as well as some tips for preparing successful proposals will be explained.