The annual meeting of the CSIC directors of all research institutes in Spain was held this year in Valencia on October 10th and 11th. The act was conducted by the CSIC President Eloisa del Pino.

The IQAC-CSIC director, Jesús Joglar, attended the meeting together with other 170 CSIC directors of different centres. The event’s objective was to share the strategic lines of work to consolidate CSIC as one of the most important science-producing institutions on the international scene. Four round tables were held, in which issues related to the structure of the scientific areas, the intedisciplinarity, the transfer and talent attraction were considered.

The meeting was also attended by the management team of the CSIC presidency, formed by José María Martell, Vice-president for Scientific and Technical Research; Carlos Closa, Vice-president for Organization and Institutional Relations; Javier Moreno, Vice-president for International Affairs; Ana Castro, Vice-president for Innovations and Transfer; Ignacio Gutiérrez Llano, General Secretariat, and Isabel Martínez, Director for President’s Cabinet.

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