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We provide companies and research organizations with synthetic and analytical services intended to support research projects of chemistry, biology, biomedicine and drug discovery.

Our skilled personnel work in laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to provide our clients with high-quality services at competitive prices.

Activities at MCS are supervised under a Quality Management System to ensure that our services and projects are executed in compliance with the established quality standards to meet the customers requirements.

Our lines of expertise include Medicinal Chemistry, multistage synthesis, heterocyclic chemistry, lipids and oligosaccharides synthesis, condensation chemistry, development and optimization of reactions and processes, analytical support to organic synthesis and analytical methods development and validation.

Custom synthesis

MCS performs the synthesis of specific compounds requested by customers. The synthetic route can be either supplied by the client or designed and set up in the group.

Compounds are delivered with an analytical data sheet specifying the characterization and purity of the product (according to the specifications required by the customer).

Process development

MCS has the equipment and expertise for the design and implementation of new routes of drug synthesis with industrial applicability. In these cases, the feasibility of patenting the results is taken into account.

The group not only develops the synthetic process but also provides analytical methods for the characterization of the active ingredients. It also performs the synthesis and characterization of impurities that may be generated from the main route.

Medicinal Chemistry projects and consulting

MCS has experience in the management and execution of projects of preclinical Medicinal Chemistry. The group offers both consultancy in project management and molecule design and synthesis and characterization of new structures (NMR, HPLC-MS).

Analytical support to organic synthesis and analytical methods development

Accurate chemical analyses are crucial for the successful development of R+D projects and for the correct characterization of products.

Our skilled analysts and instruments allow the efficient development of analytical methods as part of our projects or as specific service for external uses in case personalized support is not required.

The available analytical techniques include HPLC (analytical and preparative scale), HPLC-MS/MS. We can offer a broad range of HPLC columns combined with a variety of detectors (see “Equipment / Facilities” section for details).

Photopharmacological Services

We also offer services related with the characterization of the photopharmacological properties of compounds and include, among others:

  • Photocharacterization of compounds
  • Studies about pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties
  • In vitro functional and binding assays, fluorescence, absorbance, alfa-screen and luminiscence measurements

Other services

– Quality control of compounds. MCS has the necessary equipment to perform quality control of libraries of compounds by HPLC-MS.

– Isolation and purification of samples. MCS has a wide range of equipment for sample purification with a wide range of detectors and a diversity of columns, some of them unusual.

– Chemical characterization. MCS can carry out the determination of specific properties of compounds or samples in solution such as moisture of a sample, polarimetry, melting points, etc.

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