The Plasma Chemistry group’s leader Ricardo Molina, acting as topic editor in MDPI publisher, welcomes authors to submit their articles to plasma in agriculture topic.

Non-thermal plasma (NTP) technology has increasingly been explored in the agricultural field as an ecofriendly alternative to the conventional agrochemical treatments used in pre and post-harvest (fertilizers, fungicides, plant growth regulators, etc.). Different approaches are used in order to obtain a circular green economy in agriculture, such as surface modification of seeds, plasma treatment of liquid solutions, use of plasma activated water (PAW), and so on.

The topic of “Plasma in Agriculture” is addressed at original research papers focused on the different applications of plasma technology in different crop production steps.

For more information and instructions about the Topic, please visit this MDPI page.

Deadline for abstract submissions: 31 October 2022.
Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 December 2022.

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