We offer a PhD scholarship at the Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia, Spanish National Research Council (IQAC-CSIC, Barcelona), within the project “MOLECULAR SEGREGATION AT MULTIPLES SCALES IN NON-SURFACTANT SYSTEMS FOR THE PREPARATION OF ADVANCED MATERIALS”.

The main goal is the formulation of non-surfactant systems showing phase segregation to obtain novel molecular materials using low energy processes and aqueous media. The obtained materials will be tested on one hand in pharmaceutical and food applications and in the other hand as active materials for energy storage.

The candidate must be enrolled or have completed a master degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or Pharmacy. Knowledge on Colloid and Interfacial chemistry will be an asset. Other requirements include a good level of English, computer skills, interest on science, motivation for research, and willingness to work as part of a team.

Information on the research group can be found at: www.iqac.csic.es/qci
Interested candidates should write to
Jordi Esquena, IQAC-CSIC