Characterization service

The QCI Centre offers a complete characterization service for nanostructured liquids and colloidal systems, which is highly specialized in solid/liquid and liquid/liquid dispersions and interfaces. In Spain, there are very few laboratories with such capacity and expertise in this field, and thus this Characterization Service is pioneering in the research area.

The Characterization Service of QCI Center belongs to NANBIOSIS, ICTS Infrastructure for the production and characterization of nanomaterials, biomaterials and systems in Biomedicine (see NANBIOSIS attachment and U12 attachment).



The services provided by this facility are the following, in which the service manager will provide advice on scientific and technical aspects.

- Determination of particle size and size distribution, morphology of aggregates, radius of gyration and aggregation number.

- Study of phase behavior of surfactant systems.

- Characterization of liquid crystals (type, repeat distance, etc.).

- Characterization of the rheological properties of fluids and soft matter under deformation and flow regimes (viscosity, shear-thinning, shear thickening, elastic and viscous modulus, relaxation times).

- Measurements of surface and interfacial tension of pure liquids, solutions and colloidal dispersions (adsorption properties of molecules at the liquid-air and liquid-liquid interfaces).

- Measurements of contact angles of wetting liquids on different solid materials.

- Measurements of differential refraction index.

- Measurements of liquid densities.


The QCI Centre has specific techniques for the study of nanostructured liquids:

- 3D cross-correlation DLS Spectrometer for static and dynamic light scattering (SLS and DLS) (LS Instruments).

- Malvern 4700 photon correlation spectrometer (Malvern Instruments).

- Mastersizer 2000 light diffraction particle size analyzer (Malvern Instruments).

- S3 Micro SAXS/WAXS small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering spectrometer (Hecus).

- AR-G2 Rheometer for characterization of rheological properties under deformation and flow regimes (TA Instruments).

- SITE spinning drop interfacial tensiometer (Krüss).

- K12 tensiometer with Wilhelmy plate and du Noüy ring (Krüss).

- Sigma 700 surface tensiometer for advancing and receding contact angles (KSV Instruments).

- Optilab rEX differential refractometer (Wyatt).

- DMA 4500M densitometer (Anton Paar).

- Turbiscan Lab backscattering stability analyzer (Formulaction).

- Avanti J30I ultracentrifuge (Beckman Coulter).

- BX51TRF-6 optical microscope (Olympus).

- High resolution and espectral analysis optical microscope (Cytoviva, Inc.).