Services for Companies

Determination of colloidal properties

Structural characterization of surfactant colloidal systems (emulsions, nano-emulsions, microemulsions, dispersions, etc.). Application at industrial formulations.

Phase behavior studies of surfactants in multicomponent systems (binaries, ternaries and pseudo-ternaries, etc.).

Preparation and  characterization of formulations (based on colloidal surfactant systems)

Preparation of “tailor-made” formulations, e.g. considering its application.

Study of formulations  (emulsions, nano-emulsions, microemulsions dispersions, etc.) and improvement of its properties, e.g. droplet or particle size, static and dynamic stability, etc.

Development of methodologies to prepare formulations by low-energy methods. Its application to industrial processes could optimize resources (e.g. energy, chemical products, etc.) and improve the properties of an industrial formulation.



Preparation of nanostructured advanced materials (from surfactant colloidal systems)

Preparation of organic and inorganic nanoparticles, controlling its shape and characteristic sizes, e.g. for applications in several fields such as biomedicine, catalysis, etc.

Preparation of materials with a dual meso/macroporous structure, which can add particular properties (mechanical, thermal, acoustical, etc.).

Preparation of stimuli-responsive textiles (smart textiles), e.g. by incorporation of nanoparticles.

Preparation of special materials “ad-hoc”, depending on the application.


Surface modification

Modification (functionalization) of surfaces by chemical  to obtain materials with specific hydrophilic/hydrophobic properties.

Study of the surface of materials (polymeric, textiles, etc.).