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Yolanda Castro, Jadra Mosa, Mario Aparicio, Lourdes A. Perez-Carrillo, Susana Vílchez, Jordi Esquena, Alicia Duran. Sol-gel hybrid membranes loaded with meso/macroporous SiO2, TiO2–P2O5 and SiO2–TiO2–P2O5 materials with high proton conductivity. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 149–150, 686–694. (01/2015)
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Kelly Pemartin, Conxita Solans, Jaime Alvarez-Quintana and Margarita Sanchez-Dominguez. Synthesis of Mn-Zn Ferrite nanoparticles by the oil-in-water microemulsion reaction method . Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 451, 161-171 . (06/2014)
Ringo Grombe, Jean Charoud-Got, Hakan Emteborg, Thomas P. J. Linsinger, John Seghers, Stephan Wagner, Frank von der Kammer, Thilo Hofmann, Agnieszka Dudkiewicz, Meritxell Llinas, Conxita Solans, Angela Lehner, Gunter Allmaier . Production of reference materials for the detection and size determination of silica nanoparticles in tomato soup. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 406 (16), 3895-3907. (06/2014)
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