External collaborators

Collaboration is essential for the progress of science. We enjoy sharing our research with other experts as well as learning from them.
When collaborating with other groups, one also sees different ways to conduct research, organize labs and interact with students. This helps us improve, and it is also fun to interact with people from different countries and cultures!

Current collaborators

Pau Bernadó.
Centre de Biochimie Structurale (Montpellier, France). We are developing new methods to study ensembles of IDPs with NMR and SAXS. We also work together in algorithms to fit protein structures to SAXS data.

Francisco Blanco
bioGUNE (Bilbao, Spain) We collaborate in the study of the PCNA protein and its interaction with IDPs, such as p15, and DNA.

Josep M. Bofill
Departament of Organic Chemistry, University of Barcelona.

Pere Clapés
Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalunya.We collaborate on the mechanism of several aldolases used in biocatalysis.

Martin Field
at the Institute of Structural Biology (Grenoble, France). We collaborate in the study of enzyme mechanisms with QM/MM and the development of new methods to describe reaction paths in biomolecules.

Joseph S. Francisco
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA. We are investigating processes taking place at the Earth’s atmosphere.

Sílvia Osuna
University of Girona. Together with Remco Sprangers, we study the role of motion in the scavenger decapping enzyme.

Manuel Ruiz-Lopez
University of Lorraine and CNRS, Nancy, France. We are investigating processes occurring at the Earth’s atmosphere.

Albert Solé
Departament of Physical Chemistry, University of Barcelona.

Remco Sprengers
Max Plank institute for developmental biology (Tubingen, Germany). We are studying the mechanism of the scavenger decapping enzyme, which he studied by crystallography and NMR.

Former collaborators

Ivet Bahar
University of Pittsburgh. We worked together in the study of protein flexibility with Elastic Network Models.

Joao Carlos-Lima
Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and
Laura Rodriguez-Raurell,
University of Barcelona. We collaborated in the photochemistry of gold complexes.

Solvejg Jörgensen
University of Copenhagen. We worked together on reaction of interest in Atmospheric Chemistry.