We are a small group located at the Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalunya. Our institute is at the Barcelona Knowledge Campus and belongs to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), the largest research organization in Spain.

The CTC group was founded by Prof. Santiago Olivella, one of the pioneers of the Catalan Computational Chemistry community.

Although we all have different lines of research, we share our computer cluster, our knowledge, interesting discussions and regular coffees. Being a small group, we favour strong internal communication.

The graduate students in our group usually end their PhD with more than 5 publications. We also encourage them to visit foreign labs during their PhD. This is important for their training and it is a source of fruitful collaborations.

Distinctions and funding
Our group has had financial support from the Spanish government since 1990 and from the Catalan government since1998. We have also obtained EU funding.

Since 1998 our group, together with members of the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Barcelona, has received the “Consolidated Research Group” mention by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

In 2013 we moved to our new facilities. We can host more students in a bright and pleasant environment!