Post-doc contracts and fellowships

We promote post-doc independent research and help post-docs find their own research projects. In many cases, funding is easier to find in the post-doc country of origin, but we know of the following funding sources:

For those of you willing to work in the biological research line, funding is available by two international organizations and a private agency:

  • Human frontiers:
    • LTF: For PhDs in the biological discipline.
    • CDF: For PhDs in other areas of sicence who wish to start a career in a biologically related field.
    • Both have the same deadlines. Now OPEN. Deadline 28 Agust 2014.
  • EMBO fellowships
    • Long-term. Now OPEN. Deadline: 15 August 2014. There is also a call in January.
  • AXA post-docs.