The research groups of Nanobiotechnology for Diagnostics (Nb4D) and Medicinal Chemistry & Synthesis (MCS), led by Dr. M.-Pilar Marco and Dr. Amadeu Llebaria, respectly, were invited last monday 8th of November by the Government of Catalonia to constitute, together with 57 more research groups of Catalonia, the TECNIO Association. This new Association, supported by the Government of Catalonia through ACCIÓ (Agency for the Competitiveness of the Company), was created by all the groups that have obtained the TECNIO accreditation, which identify the technology developers in Catalonia to facilitate the connection with companies. All the Catalan Universities, the I-CERCA fundation and 5 CSIC research groups form the new TECNIO Association.

The Association will have €300,000 from ACCIÓ in the next 3 years to reinforce the market vision and get close to companies. The main objective is to make visible the activity of these research groups and encourage the collaboration between the private sector and the public administration.

Nb4D obtained the TECNIO accreditation in November 2020 for the Custom Antibody Service and MCS renewed it for the Service of Synthesis of High Added-value Molecules (SIMChem).

Press release (Generalitat de Catalunya)
Press release (CSIC)

Image credit: Generalitat de Catalunya

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