Speaker: Ramon Eritja, from Nucleic Acids Chemistry group and CIBER-BBN

Title: Taking advantage of the body’s natural processes to create innovative therapies

Date: 6th May at 12:00pm

CSIC Conecta link:  https://conectaha.csic.es/b/ram-1bg-el1-t8k


A siRNA-based drug for the treatment of familial hypercholesteremia that competes favorably with statins was recently approved for human use by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). In October 2020 took place the Spanish Arteriosclerosis Society virtual meeting and a special session on “Innovation and future therapeutic strategies in dyslipidemia” sponsored by Novartis was held with the participation of Dr. Eritja as guest speaker. In this conference the basic principles of the action of therapeutic oligonucleotides will be detailed with special attention to the development of Inclisiran. It is the first time that an siRNA have received the positive recommendation of the EMA for a disease with such a high prevalence directly involved in cardiovascular diseases